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Only "eat sugar"
only "eat meat" Who won?
Experiment part 2 Results


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“Eating meat” is easier to lose? Eating only meat is equal to eating in disguise, easy to malnutrition

Three weeks later, the scientists tested the two for hunger to see who was hunger faster and stronger. After the two people had eaten the same calorie for breakfast for 3 hours, at the lunch time, Chris, who had eaten sugar, had been eating. And Zander is not very hungry, and eats some and is full. Chris, who eats sugar, has 1,250 calories in his lunch, while Zander, who eats fat, only eats 825 calories.

Test results show that eating fat will cause people to consume relatively less calories, reducing the chance of overeating and obesity.

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Safety at the College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, pointed out that this is because protein stimulates the secretion of cholecystokinin, delays gastric emptying, and regulates gastrointestinal hormones, which can produce a strong sense of satiety and satisfaction.However, do not eat carbohydrates, only eat meat to lose weight, it seems to be able to eat casually, in fact, it is difficult to really eat enough.

For Chinese who grew up from snack starchy foods, especially for girls with weaker digestion, eating protein foods is too easy to eat. If you add a lot of high-fiber vegetables, it is easier to get enough. The result is that every meal of fish and eggs is found, but the actual intake of calories is lower than the reasonable value. After a long time, I saw that the meat has no appetite at all, which is equivalent to dieting in a disguised manner. This is also an important reason why many girls do not eat staple food to lose weight and menstrual disorders.

Are people who eat sugar more strong? Sugar can supply energy quickly, fat is lost in energy supply

The scientists then tested the physical fitness of the two. They asked the two to ride the bicycle for an hour. After they were exhausted, they gave Chris two small pieces of sugar and Zander to eat two small pieces of butter. The calorie values ​​of sugar and butter were exactly the same. Finally, let the two sprint to the top of the mountain. Chris, who is eating sugar, is fast ahead, and easily slams the fat-loving Zander.

Physical fitness tests show that eating sugar is stronger than eating fat. Add sugar when strenuous exercise. If you don't eat sugar, your fitness will consume muscle.

In this regard, the aforementioned dietitian said that the dependence of aerobic exercise on sugar on bicycle climbing is unquestionable. In the case of glycogen depletion (requiring two people to ride on an empty stomach is the purpose), the added sugar can be quickly Absorbed by the body to supply energy. But this does not mean that fat can not be effectively powered, because in the lower intensity aerobic exercise, the oxidation of fat can even reach 50%, which is why Zander can support the experiment in the beginning of fasting cycling. the reason.

Compared with sugar, the digestion and absorption rate of butter is obviously much slower. That is, when Chris reaches the top of the mountain, Zander's butter may not be digested in the stomach and intestines, which proves that the difference in exercise ability is obviously biased. It is even more difficult to say that eating sugar is stronger than eating meat.

Only "eat sugar" or "eat meat" can lose weight? Diet can not go to extremes, nutritional balance is king

Four weeks later, the scientists performed a final physical examination of the two. Chris, who ate sugar, lost 1 kilogram of body weight, of which 0.5 kg was fat and 0.5 kg was muscle. Zander, who eats fat, loses 3.5 kilograms, 1.5 kilograms of fat and 2 kilograms of muscle. In terms of cholesterol, Zander is exactly the same as a month ago, and Chris has hardly changed. Eating fat does not raise cholesterol. In terms of blood sugar, Chris, who eats sugar all day, has normal blood sugar. Zander, who eats fat, has a blood sugar rise from 5.1mmol/L to 5.9mmol/L, which is only 0.2% from diabetes. The article concludes that simply eating sugar or simply eating fat will not cause obesity. Those who feed people fat are those with 50% sugar + 50% fat. For example: fried sugar coated donuts, cheesecake, ice cream, etc.

However, contrary to the conclusion of this experiment, the more mainstream view of the academic circles is that neither a high-sugar diet nor a high-fat diet is a reasonable healthy diet, which not only causes malnutrition, but also is a major predisposing factor for metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Fan Zhihong pointed out that carbohydrates have the effect of “saving protein” and “helping fat to break down”. If you only eat high-fat foods, carbohydrate intake is insufficient, a large amount of protein is wasted as energy, fat can not be fully decomposed, and “ketoacidosis” will occur. . Ketoacids consume muscle and fat, which makes them seem to be thin and fast. However, as long as you restore foods that contain starch and sugar, your body weight will rebound quickly. This kind of rebound is inevitable regardless of how it is restrained.

Then, if you eat sweets and white starchy food, will people become thinner? Is blood sugar really unaffected?

"For young men, people who have strong muscles and exercise, there is no obvious problem with eating more carbohydrates, but if those who have less exercise, weak muscles, or middle-aged women eat like this for years, I am afraid it is not necessarily This is the result.” Fan Zhihong said, “The results of the weight change in this experiment represent only the individual participants of the experiment, not all of them. There have been enough studies to show that the diet that consumes hyperglycemia for a long time does rise. The risk of diabetes in sorghum also increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and may even increase the risk of certain cancers."

But this experiment is a bit right, the glycolipid mixed food is indeed an important factor in modern obesity. Although the high-calorie processed foods of half-sugar and half-fat are very dangerous, the diet method of “only eating staple food without meat” or “eat only meat without eating staple food” is not so reliable. Diet can not be extreme, nutritional balance And proper control of total calories is the best rule to stay healthy and fit.