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Only "eat sugar"
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Recently, an article called "BBC Human Experiment: Twin Doctors Eat One Sugar, One Eats Fat, Who Finally Gets Fat?" The article of "" was passed on in the circle of friends. The article said that not long ago, two British doctors took their own human trials and completed a crazy and rigorous test with seven British and American medical, nutrition and sports experts.

The content of the experiment is that two identical twin brothers, Chris eat high-sugar foods, Zander only eats high-fat foods, during which scientists conducted various tests on them and after 4 weeks, look at the two Who will get fat.

The so-called high-sugar food is a variety of food staple foods, vegetables and fruits, sweet drinks, but no protein-rich foods, low fat content, is a high-carbohydrate and low-fat diet. The so-called high-fat foods are minced meat, steak, cheese, eggs and the like. There are no staple foods, very few vegetables, no fruits, and they are high-fat, high-protein, low-carb diets.

The test and the final conclusions in the article are really eye-popping, subverting many people's perceptions of obesity, but in shock, they can't help but ask, are these conclusions really scientific?

"Eat sugar" makes people smarter? Although the brain loves glucose, it does not prove that eating sugar is good for learning and memory.

After eating for two weeks, scientists examined the effects of extreme diet on the brains of the two. They let the two work on the stock exchange for one day. Chris, who eats high-sugar foods, has a strong memory and quick response, remembering new abbreviations, codes, and trading languages. Zander, who eats high-fat foods, feels that his work is not good, and his memory, reaction, and computing power are weakening. As a result of the test, Chris, who ate high-sugar foods, praised Zander, who ate high-fat foods.

The experimental results prove that lack of sugar, poor brain state, unable to work hard, and people who eat sugar are smarter.

In this regard, a nutritionist who did not want to be named told the Science and Technology Daily reporter that glucose is the most important energy-supplying substance in the brain. The Zander of eating a high-fat diet may also have a relatively slow response due to insufficient supply of glucose.

But this state does not last forever, because fat can also supply energy to the brain by producing ketone bodies, but it takes a while for normal people to convert the brain energy supply mechanism into a ketone body energy supply mechanism. One experiment did not lead to the conclusion that the concentration and cognitive ability of a high-sugar diet was higher than that of a high-fat diet.

Although glucose is an important substance to maintain the brain's function, it does not mean that refined carbohydrates are the best source of energy, because too much carbohydrates can cause rapid blood sugar response, excessive insulin secretion causes blood sugar to drop dynamically, causing "post-meal Drowsiness, but it will affect work efficiency.

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