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I only eat vegetables and eat rice every day.

What will happen after one month?

I have too much say in this question, because I have not eaten rice for half a month (the rice refers to all starchy foods in this article) and only eats vegetables. It turns out that it doesn't take a month or even a few days to cause an increase in the ketone body. If you don't eat the staple food for half a month, it will cause the ketone body to be positive for 4 plus.

What are the hazards of ketone body increase? How did it come about?

First of all, when the body staple food is eaten less, at this time, in order to lose weight, you are sure that other foods with high sugar content are eaten less. The most direct energy supply of the body is glucose, and when the amount of glucose is very small, it cannot be used as an energy source. When the body breaks down the fat.

You may laugh when you see it here, because the purpose of losing weight has already reached

But you are wrong, direct decomposition of fat will produce ketone bodies, a large number of ketone body accumulation will have serious consequences, and even coma, serious consequences include blood ion metabolism disorders, blood pH decreased, causing acidosis, light Acidic acidosis causes rapid breathing, and some can cause drowsiness, irritability, and nausea and vomiting.

Some of them may be feverish, extracted, and unconscious. Acidosis caused by increased ketone body occurs in diabetics who control diet, but people with low blood sugar should not use this method to lower blood sugar. For patients with high blood sugar, eat one or two or two rice meals per day (according to the situation) , by exercise hypoglycemic is the best and healthiest way. Friends who are purely losing weight do not need to torture themselves with this method!

This kind of dieting that does not eat rice and only eats vegetables is really a big mistake. The harm caused by the increase of ketone body should not be underestimated. The long-term increase of ketone body is simply a chronic disease caused by itself. There are many ways to be healthy and lose weight. Not eating the staple food is the most lazy and wrong way. It is right to keep your mouth shut, but pay attention to the proportions, not to lose more. Walking your legs is the right way to open your health.

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